If you're aged between 7-25 and are interested in Modelling contact us today about joining the Pilbara Shine Project :                                                                                             Admin@bluebeanieprojects.com.au                                                                                                                                                                                   0439 983 549        







Welcome To

Blue Beanie Projects

The spirit of youth. Strong. Resilient. Empowered.”

Blue Beanie Projects believe that all young people have these 3 qualities, some are just further developed than others. If we work together to increase skills and knowledge in these 3 areas we have the ability to better support young people through the murky waters of youth and safely into adulthood.


When we talk about strength we are referring to strength of the mind and willpower. Like any other muscle in the body the brain needs to be coached and to increase its capacity for learning, needs to be subjected to new ideas. Being mentally strong allows young people to get through difficult circumstances and enables them to make more confident decisions that will no doubt change their life for the better.

Cohesively working for better and safe transition


Being resilient means having the capacity to withstand stress, overcome risk and defy adversity in the face of difficult times and situations in life. Resilience is developed as young people grow and gain better self-management and knowledge. Blue Beanie Projects aim to help increase young people's resilience and introduce them to new challenges in a controlled environment. 


By increasing the opportunity for young people to make decisions, we allow them a voice and give them the ability to take control over their lives. For those in regional or rural Australia, increasing their skills and knowledge through learning is invaluable when helping them transform their life choices.   

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