Our Story

The inspiration behind Blue Beanie Projects came from many years spent living and working in regional and remote communities across Australia. Along the way we formed strong connections and lasting relationships with many young people and their families. Through these travels it was identified that many communities went without youth services and that the youth services that did exist were often under funded and under resourced. For the young people in these regional and remote areas, this meant that they were missing out on having a youth support network during a crucial stage in their development as a person.  

Our Logo

The Blue Beanie Projects logo is a symbolic one. It is inspired by the memory of a young man who regardless of weather would wear a blue beanie every day. Unfortunately this young man and too many others like him were lost to suicide.

Blue Beanie Projects Logo

Committed To The Cause

Blue Beanie Projects are committed to reducing youth suicide and improving the social and emotional wellbeing of young people in regional and remote Australian communities. We do this by providing culturally appropriate support to young people and youth service providers. We aim to collaborate with young people, families, community leaders, elders, and service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

Our Vision

  • A world that is free from youth suicide                  

  •  For the social and emotional wellbeing of young people to be strengthened

  • For every young person across Australia to have fair and equal access to youth support services, programs, activities and events.

Our Mission

  • To support the positive development of social and emotional wellbeing in young people through the creation and delivery of innovative youth led projects
  • To support young people to develop life skills, increase their self esteem and resilience, connection to community and to become strong leaders
  • To support youth service providers in regional and remote communities towards achieving service continuity and sustainability
  • To develop and support respectful and caring relationships between young people, their families and communities
  • To provide holistic, integrated services and establish productive, collaborative partnerships
  • To generate research, innovation and growth of the youth services sector and positive youth projects
  • To influence positive social change

How can we help? Contact Blue Beanie Projects 0439 983 549